Telemarketing – How To Overcome The Fear Of Phone Rejection

Rejection by phone is a problem that can be overcome easily if the right approach to calling is taken. The problem is if there is too much expectation or pressure, each call can be a painful experience, good or bad. Most telemarketing campaigns are set up the wrong way, and the pressure for results causes a number of normal human reactions such as fear and doubt.

A major factor in phone fear is simply a fear of the unknown. People usually have issues with "what if I do not know the answer to a question" or "what if they are mean to me". These issues tend to evaporate with experience. But in the meantime, here are (3) keys to help you with phone fear.

Key # 1 Focus on Activity, Not Results.

Make your goal a DIAL goal. This is simply how many times you pick up the phone and dial numbers. Do not worry about how many people you reach or presentations you give or sales. Just focus on making DIALS. This activity is the most important. If you are not dialing the phone, none of the other things matter. Plus, your activity is going to make it easier for future calling sessions. And, the volume of calls you will make, focusing on dials, will be so high it is going to be hard to focus on any single "bad call".

Key # 2 Pretend.

You can be anyone you want to be on the phone. It can be just like acting. You are in control, so have fun. If you want to be bold, aggressive and a hard-charging SOB, go for it, even though you might be meek as a mouse. Its up to you (and perhaps your manager). This view can make the fear of rejection by phone disappear because it makes you the controller of what responses you are going to get from the person on the other end of the phone. Again, the more experience you have calling, the more the fear of the other person you are calling will diminish.

Key # 3 Scripts.

Always have a script. I do not care what anyone says, having a guide for your calls will give you confidence and power on the phone. Scripted rebuttals make your effort easier and reduces your chance of getting stumped by a prospect. Practice your script before you call, and practice with other people to get a feel of how you sound and what you can do to improve your calls.

Source by Timm O'Day

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