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What is OBTM?

In one sense, OBTM (outbound telemarketing) can be easily and briefly described. It comprises a range of activities typically conducted through email and / or telephone, designed to contact potential prospects and convert them...

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Caffeine and Fear of Public Speaking

What a dummy! I should have known better. I was giving a business presentation when my panic started. I felt afraid of speaking. I was anxious and sweating. My heart was racing. What was...

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Benefits of IT Support Services

Numerous services are available to support your IT needs and outsourcing your system to one of these IT service companies definitely makes your life simpler and business flourish. As information technology or IT has...

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Who Do You Call for All Your Facility Needs?

As a commercial facilities manager, property manager or asset manager, you're skilled at juggling a list of day-to-day activities that would make most people's heads spin! Your typical daily to do list may look...

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