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Dell Online (Case Study)

Background (General Facts from Case Study) Dell is a computer corporation recognized for manufacturing computer systems through parts assemble. In 1983, Michael Dell saw an opportunity in using IBM compatible computers for a new...

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The Evolution of the Telephone

Alexander Graham Bell most likely had no idea that he had discovered what would eventually change the world in more ways than can be imagined. The technology that started out for telephones has led...

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The Impact Of Technology To Different Industries

Nowadays, the development of various innovations in town brings about a lot of changes in the industry. These auspicious devices deliver excellent services to new generation customers by answering their needs for greater convenience....

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How to Open a Mail Parcel Shipping Store

Consulting services for opening a mail parcel packing and shipping store can be expensive. That's why we wrote the book in 2002 and of which many have taken advantage. What's the best way to...

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6 Principles of Customer Service Etiquettte

Customer service etiquette principles should be integrated into every facet of your organization because providing superior customer service is the most effective way to differentiate your business from the competition. Many employees will walk...

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Increase Sales With Curbside Coaching

To be a successful sales manager and increase sales you must learn how to effectively perform curbside coaching. Every sales call presents "lessons to be learned". Salespeople who learn these lessons best develop their...

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