MyPhoneRoom Vs PhoneBurner: Which Is Better for Me?

There are quite a few products on the internet which can help network marketers phone prospects, with MyPhoneRoom and PhoneBurner being the most popular; therefore a comparison of MyPhoneRoom vs PhoneBurner would be quite helpful to many of you. The first thing that you would need to consider when choosing a solution that would make it easy for you to call your prospects is what your needs are. This would allow you to make a better decision when considering a choice between MyPhoneRoom vs PhoneBurner.

A few important things to consider are: how many prospects do you expect to call daily, how much time will you need to spend on the phone each day and whether you actually have the time to talk to new leads on the phone. This is because both services work differently and therefore will appeal to a different crowd of network marketers.

On Let’s start with PhoneBurner. It is an innovative dialer solution which lets you automate the calling process. It uses a web based interface to load and manage the calling list for you. It then dials the numbers for you. One good advantage about this product is that all you need is a phone and a computer with an internet connection. No special equipment or skills are required to use it.

MyPhoneRoom takes things a bit further in terms of functionality. Rather than being a simple dialer, it is a service that allows you to have professional and dedicated staff place the first call to your prospects. This can save you a huge amount of time. How? Many people who fill out the lead form on your site are either not ready or do not have what it takes to join your business. Obviously, talking to them will prove to be a huge drain on your time. MyPhoneRoom will weed out unproductive leads and forward the calls of those who are “hot” and ready to join to you, as these are the leads you need to focus your attention on.

As you can see, MyPhoneRoom gives you a unique service by having professional call center staff at your disposal in order to actually place the phone calls for you. When you consider making a choice between MyPhoneRoom vs PhoneBurner, remember that MyPhoneRoom will cut down on the amount of time you spend talking to your prospects much more than any kind of dialer system ever could.

Source by Lawrence Tam

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